Holland Alumni network

Reach alumni of Dutch education institutions through the Holland Alumni network.

Every year more than 110,000 international students are enrolled at a Dutch higher education institution. These alumni are potential ambassadors for the Dutch knowledge economy.

We encourage them to keep in touch through the Holland Alumni network.

We also strive for a national alumni strategy, together with other key stakeholders, as described in our position paper:

A national alumni strategy(283 kB)

What is the Holland Alumni network?

The Holland Alumni network is a platform for international alumni, students and interns, as well as Dutch education institutions, embassies and organisations. Through the network they can exchange information, knowledge, and contacts.

Education institutions and alumni associations can use our logo, flyer and videos, which are available for download:

Download promotional material

Are you a graduate of a Dutch institution?

Check what the Holland Alumni network can offer you.

Communities for institutions

Do you work at a higher education institution? You can keep in touch with your alumni through the Holland Alumni network. You can also use the platform to exchange information and share best practices with your colleagues in the field of alumni relations.

Create your own community or join existing communities by requesting a partner account.

Country communities for embassies

Do you work at a Dutch embassy abroad and would you like to get in touch with alumni in your country? We have communities to help you with this also.

Check the community overview and request a login on the Holland Alumni-website.

No country community yet for your area? Get in touch with us to learn about the possibilities of creating one: 

Thematic communities

We have communities for sectors in which the Netherlands is a key player, such as agriculture and food, logistics and water management. 

Want to join in a discussion or get in touch with like-minded people? Request an account now.

Business opportunities

If your organisation would like to use the platform for publishing vacancies or announcing events, please get in touch with us through   

Training alumni relations

Would you like to get the most out of your international alumni relations? Take part in our training course:

International Alumni Relations (in English)

Retaining talent

In addition to managing the Holland Alumni network, we also use other means to retain talent for the Netherlands, such as:

  • In November 2017 we launched the Holland Alumni network- Netherlands (HAn-nl): the Dutch association for internationally-oriented students and alumni in the Netherlands.
  • The Week of the international student: one week in November focussing on the importance of international talent.

Report of the Week of the international student 2017

Week of the international student 2018: 12 - 18 November

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