Tailor-Made Training (TMT)

The Tailor-Made Training (TMT) is an instrument of the Orange Knowledge Programme. The instrument aims to support organisations in developing countries to improve their work by training a selected group of staff. This is done through short training courses, which are tailor-made to address the specific training needs of an organisation.

The group training can also be used to train professionals who have a common training need, but who are not staff members of the same organisation. In this way, a specific target group, such as a marginalised group or a network of professionals, can receive tailor-made training, in a regional setting if that is desirable.

Who is eligible for a tailor-made training?

For each Orange Knowledge Programme country there are focus areas. Only proposals in those focus areas will be eligible for funding. To be eligible for a Tailor-Made Training grant, the training course should focus on candidates:

  • who work at national and/or local organisations like ministries, secondary vocational or TVET institutions, universities, (small) private sector organisations, commissions or NGOs; 
  • who have the nationality of or be resident and working in one of the partner countries;
  • who are in a position to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. 

If you would like to apply for a Tailor-Made Training, please check the requirements in the publication in the Staatscourant (in Dutch). You can find more detailed information in chapter 3.

Two types of courses

There are Tailor-Made Training courses and Tailor-Made Training Plus courses:

  • Tailor-Made Training courses (TMT) are training courses with a maximum subsidy amount of € 75,000 and a maximum duration of twelve months; depending on the specific call, they may be held in all partner countries (see country list).
  • Tailor-Made Training Plus courses (TMT+) are training courses with a maximum subsidy amount of € 400,000 and a maximum duration of 24 months; depending on the specific call, they may be held in ‘Full programme countries’ and ‘Compact + countries’.


The Orange Knowledge Programme is a co-funding programme. This means that a contribution from the requesting organisation in the partner country is compulsory for Lower Middle Income Countries and Upper Middle Income Countries.

The percentage of co-funding (on top of the amount requested from the Orange Knowledge Programme) is not the same for all countries. Please consult the country focus information.

Procedure and open calls

An organisation from a partner country and a Dutch training provider jointly formulate a training proposal and submit it online to Nuffic. A tailor-made training course must be conducted by a Dutch training provider. The training courses have to be in line with the CPI or Annual Plan for the country in question.

Calls with specific information will be published on our open calls page. The Orange Knowledge programme is a flexible programme. Calls may be set up for different target groups and focus themes. Information about this will be available on the website. Nuffic will inform you about the process through our digital Orange Knowledge Programme Updates.


Please contact via email: or contact +31 70 42 60 315 (Eduard Jansen) or +31 70 42 60 161 (Luuk Bosma).

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