Theme: Changing Times - Connecting Worlds

We're facing an unprecedented pandemic and other global challenges. But there are still positive developments underway. Wherever people reach out to connect with one another, beautiful things happen.

Thanks to digital technology, we can keep in touch and continue to collaborate and learn from one another. At the same time, we still (thankfully) feel the need to see each other in real life, to embark on new projects and discover new places. We are using both online and offline channels, in parallel and in combination, to connect worlds in these changing times.

But why are international experiences so important? How can we ensure that students continue to develop the skills that they would otherwise gain from spending time abroad? And how do we make international experiences available to everyone, physically or otherwise?

Now is the time

The Week of the International Student 2020 aims to show that the time for bringing worlds together is now, either online or in person. And that now more than ever, students need to develop international skills. Problems that don't stop at the border can only be solved with an international mindset.

That is why the theme for the Week of the International Student 2020 is: Changing Times – Connecting Worlds.

What's on the programme?

This year we will be focussing on current developments within internationalisation in all education sectors. What do you do and need to make international experiences available to your students? Our goal is to inspire you.

Online sessions

That is why we will be running brief online sessions on internationalisation in a changing world. Nuffic experts and our colleagues from the education sector will share their insights and give practical tips on subjects such as:

  • virtual mobility
  • internationalisation at home
  • international skills
  • inclusion
  • sustainable development goals

Of course there will be time for questions. After 30-45 minutes, you will exit the digital doors, brimming with inspiration.

If you have experience with these topics and would like to share your best practices, please email us at:


There will be plenty more on offer! Activities for and about secondary school students, international and Dutch students, alumni... As soon as more details become available, they will be shared here and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, along with the registration opening times. Stay up-to-date on the Week of the International Student by using the hashtag #wotis.

Schedule for the online sessions

Registration for the online sessions is closed.

Missed registration or session? The recordings of the sessions will be published on Nuffic's YouTube channel afterwards.

Monday 16 November

12.00-12.30h: Session 1 - Huba Boshoff

  • Education sector: VET and higher education
  • Description: Virtual internships: how to make them successful.

12.45-13.15h: Session 2 - Student organisations LSVB/ISO/NWS

  • Education sector: VET and higher education
  • Description: The challenges of studying abroad: meeting new perspectives. A discussion between students and professionals.

15.30-16.00h: Session 3 - Joost de Laat

  • Education sector: higher education
  • Description: “Glocal” Community Engaged Learning: how to get your students involved in civic challenges like the Sustainable Development Goals.

Wednesday 18 November

12.00-12.30h: Session 5 - Huba Boshoff

  • Education sector: higher education
  • Description: Internationalisation at home: what is it and how can it contribute to an international experience for your students?

Organise your own activity

Feeling inspired by Changing Times – Connecting Worlds? You and your institution or school can organise and run your own activity during the Week of the International Student. For information and advice on helping your ideas take shape, please contact us via We are only too happy to help.

Keep us up-to-date on social media during the Week with the #wotis hashtag, so we can put your activity in the spotlight.

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