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We sum up practical recommendations from our inventory, exchange ideas and discuss best practices from various Dutch higher education institutions.

We start the session with a short presentation of Nuffic's research findings and recommendations on how to improve the wellbeing of international students in the Netherlands. These recommendations are based on research and discussions with experts. Most of the session is devoted on exchanging ideas and experiences with colleagues from other Dutch educational institutions. We also reflect on what you can do in your own daily work to help improve the wellbeing of international students.

During the session you can delve into one or more of the following sub-topics:

  • Helping international students prepare sufficiently before coming to the Netherlands

  • Stimulating international student's social life

  • Creating clear and accessible pathways for professional assistance

  • Enhancing the role of teachers in supporting international students’ wellbeing

  • Focusing on international students with special needs or disabilities

You can find more information on these sub-topics in this research report on page 19-21 ‘Recommendations’.

Learning objectives

During the session you gain:

  • Research insights on international students’ wellbeing
  • New ideas and inspiration from colleagues working with and for international students
  • The students’ perspective on this topic

Practical information


This session takes place online. You will receive a Microsoft Teams link after your registration.


Participation in this session is free of charge.


For questions about this session, please contact Nuffic Connects (