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This event revolves around the now, how and the future of the international classroom. Irene Poort (University of Groningen) will present her overview study on the current state and the learning outcomes of the international classroom in the Dutch HE context. What are the key ingredients that contribute to the development of these learning outcomes?

Based on these key ingredients, together with colleagues from other educational institutions, you will discuss how the international classroom can be used (more effectively).

After covering the now and how, we will facilitate a panel discussion on the future of the international classroom in the Dutch context with a focus on student learning. With this panel, we want to explore questions such as "What are the implications of the Internationalization in Balance bill for the learning of all students?", "Is the focus on international diversity too limiting and should higher education focus on diversity in a broader sense?". The event will be concluded with drinks.

This meeting is organized in a collaboration between Nuffic and Irene Poort (University of Groningen).

Learning objectives

During the event you will…


  • Learn about the current state of the international classroom in Dutch HE based on recent research "The international classroom - what, what for and how?"


  • Discover the key ingredients in the international classroom which actually contribute to the development of intercultural competencies of students.
  • Hear from colleagues at other Dutch HEI how they apply the international classroom.

The future:

  • Take a critical look at current and future educational practice of the international classroom.
  • Explore what the future of the international classroom might look like.

Practical information


No preparation is required to participate in this event.

Target audience

Teachers, policy and pedagogical advisors and other professionals who work at Dutch universities (of applied science) and want to learn more about, or work with, the international classroom.


Friday, May 24 from 13:00 - 16:00 with closing drinks



Max number of participants

There is room for up to 40 participants


Quinton House
Nieuwegracht 60
3512 LT Utrecht


Participation is free.


You can register through our portal, see also the registration button at the top of this page.



For questions about this event, please contact Nuffic Connects (

After your registration, further communication about this event will be in English.