To demonstrate that they have completed secondary education or higher education, students must be in possession of the following documents:

  • a diploma issued by the institution in Turkish or English;
  • an accompanying list of grades in Turkish or English;
  • if these are in Turkish: an English translation of both documents.

Provisional certificates

For administrative reasons, institutions also issue provisional certificates, which are valid until the definitive diploma has been awarded. The definitive diploma may be issued as late as 1 year after the graduation date. In some cases, the validity period of the provisional certificate is specified on the document.

Diploma Supplement

A national template for a Diploma Supplement has been designed in conformance with the UNESCO guidelines. Since 2005-2006, the universities have been issuing this Diploma Supplement in Turkish or English to all graduating students.

More information about the Diploma Supplement (DS) is available on the Europass website.