Secondary education documents

The following documents allow students to prove that they have completed Syrian general upper secondary education:

Please note: the Ministry of Education must be mentioned on the diploma. The Education Directorate of the region is always mentioned as well. If students apply for a degree programme in the Netherlands, they must show a translation of their diploma.

Checking study results

You can check the study results of students in secondary education on the website of the Ministry of Education. Only the results from 2014 onwards are online.

Higher education documents

Students can prove that they have completed a higher education programme by showing:

  • a diploma or graduation certificate from the higher education institution; and
  • a list of grades.

Please note: in order to apply for a Dutch degree programme, a student must provide a translation of both documents. In Syrian higher education, diplomas and lists of grades are usually issued in Arabic, but sometimes also in English.

Is this diploma genuine?

Contact us if you have doubts whether a diploma is genuine (authentic).