The Quality Assurance Council (QAC) is responsible for quality assurance of Sri Lankan higher education. The QAC has various duties:

  • The QAC provides the degree programme accreditation in higher education (public and private institutions).
  • Since 2017, the QAC has been evaluating public universities with an institutional review. Every year, a number of universities have their turn to be assessed. The QAC is expected to evaluate the final 3 universities in 2021.
  • The QAC also evaluates degree programmes that result in a first degree (bachelor's programmes). This is the programme review. Not all universities participate in this. In addition, not all faculties within participating universities participate in a programme review.
  • The QAC also provides peer review for fields of study and subject reviews for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU)

All of the public universities have a department that is responsible for quality assurance. These departments are referred to as Internal Quality Assurance Units (IQAU). An IQUA evaluates an institution itself, as well as its degree programmes.