Secondary education grading system

A grade system of 1 up to and including 7 is used in secondary education. These grades are found on the National Senior Certificate (NSC) with the following percentages and descriptions:

In numbers In percentages Description Meaning
7 80-100%

Outstanding achievement

6 70-79% Meritorious achievement Very good
5 60-69%

Substantial achievement

4 50-59% Adequate achievement More than satisfactory
3 40-49% Moderate achievement Satisfactory
2 30-39%

Elementary achievement

1 0-29% Not achieved Fail

Higher education grading system

In higher education, bachelor’s degrees and bachelor honours degrees are classified as follows:

In percentages Class Meaning
75-100% First class Outstanding
70-74% Second class upper division More than satisfactory – good
60-69% Second class lower division Satisfactory – more than satisfactory
50-59% Third class Poor
Lager dan 50% Fail Fail