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The Polish Qualifications Framework

Since 2016 there has been a Polish Qualifications Framework, the Polska Rama Kwalificacji (PRK). The PRK has 8 levels, just like the European and Dutch qualifications framework.

PRK levels

The newer diplomas always have a logo with the PRK level:

  • The Roman numbers stand for full qualifications (diplomas). For example: PRK-VI is a bachelor (qualification level 6).
  • The Arabic numbers stand for partial qualifications, such as certificates of postgraduate courses or company courses. For example PRK-6.

The website of the Polish Ministry also offers information about the Qualifications Framework in English, please see: Polish Qualifications Framework (PQF) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The Integrated Qualifications System

There is also a register of all the diplomas and vocational qualifications that can be obtained in Polish education. This Polish Integrated Qualifications System is called Zintegrowany System Kwalifikacji (ZSK).