What do we check in order to value a Polish higher education diploma? We check:

  • accreditation of the higher education institution.

Accreditation of the higher education institution

The Polska Komisja Akredytacyjna (PKA), the Polish Accreditation Commission, carries out the accreditation of higher education institutions. In principle, an accreditation is valid for 6 years.

Accredited higher education institutions

You can find accredited higher education institutions on:

  • The NAWA website (NAWA, the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange). The institutions are categorised by type. However, there are 14 types in total so this makes it difficult to search for them. The website is in English.
  • The Rad-on website. Everything is in Polish, but it is easy to search for the name of the institution (nazwa instytucji) or the type of institution (rodzaj instytucji), for example. .

Accredited programmes

It is sufficient to check the accreditation of the higher education institution. In Poland, study programmes cannot start if they have not been approved by the government. If the higher education institution is accredited, you can assume that the programme is accredited.

Do you want to check whether the programme exists? Use the overview of accredited programmes on the Rad-on website (only in Polish).