Secondary education grading system

In secondary education, schools use a grading system from 0% to 100%. A result of 75% is a pass (passing grade). Results of 65% or below are all listed as 65% on the transcript.

Higher education grading system

In Philippine higher education, the grading systems may differ between educational institutions. There is no national grading system. Higher education institutions provide information about their grading system on the transcripts.

For example, the University of the Philippines (UP) uses the following grading system:

Grade In words
1.0 excellent
1.25 excellent
1.5 very good
1.75 very good
2.0 good
2.25 good
2.5 satisfactory
2.75 satisfactory
3.0 pass
4.0 conditional
5.0 failure
Inc incomplete

Also, there are often abbreviations on transcripts. We give some examples in the table below.

Abbreviation In words Meaning
NC no credit the student did not receive credits for the course
NG no grade the student did not receive a grade for the course
INC incomplete mark the student did not complete the course