European Professional Card

Since 18 January 2016 pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, mountain guides and real estate agents can apply for a European Professional Card (EPC).

An EPC serves as proof that the professional qualifications of the card holder are recognised.

The introduction of the EPC for a select number of professions is meant to simplify the standard procedures for mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the EU.

You can find more information on the website for 'Your Europe'.

Hot to apply for an EPC

You can apply for an EPC through ECAS, the authentication service of the European Commission. To do this, you will need to register to get a user name and password, if you have not already got one. 

ECAS website 

Employers, customers and other interested parties can use the reference number on your European Professional Card to check on the ECAS site whether it is a valid document. To do this they will also need your personal identification details (identity card or passport number) that you supplied with the EPC application. 

EPC validity check

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