Evaluation of foreign diplomas

Nuffic is the central point of contact in the Netherlands for the evaluation of foreign diplomas.

We issue approximately 30,000 written evaluations each year, mostly from Dutch higher education institutions. 

Evaluation advice to institutions

Admissions officers at higher education institutions can ask us for advice on whether a foreign student is qualified for a specific study programme. They can request a written evaluation of the qualification, or they can use our online information on foreign education systems

The institution makes the final decision, taking into account specific requirements for admission to their study programmes. This means that the final decision may not be completely in line with the initial evaluation by Nuffic. 

Individual foreign credential evaluations 

Individuals with foreign credentials who wish to enter the Dutch labour market are subject to the international credential evaluation system (IDW). 

Individuals can request a credential evaluation via the website of IDW.

Nuffic Certificates for Chinese students

We also issue Nuffic Certificates to Chinese students, after a positive verification of their English proficiency exam and educational background. We receive about 5,000 requests for such certificates each year.

Read more about this on our Study in Holland website.

Courses in credential evaluation

If you have to do a lot of credential evaluations, you may be interested in developing skills to do this yourself. We are happy to share our expertise, so we regularly give training. You can find more information about this on our training website Nuffic Academy:

Evaluate foreign credentials in ten steps (in Dutch)

Credential evaluation: criteria and procedures (in Dutch)

Online course credential evaluation

We now have an online course on credential evaluation:

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