Diploma recognition

If you want to gain international experience, you may face some practical issues. Can you work in a profession in another country with your Dutch qualification? And what is the value of your foreign diploma in the Netherlands?

We provide answers to these questions. 

Which situation applies to you?

Do you want to:

study in Holland with a foreign diploma?

work in Holland with a foreign diploma?

study abroad with your Dutch diploma?

work abroad with your Dutch diploma?


have you come to Holland as a refugee?


We are the Dutch National Academic Recognition Information Centre and the Dutch representative of the European Network of Information Centres, ENIC-NARIC.

The centres in these networks work closely together to improve the policy and processes for the recognition of diplomas.   

We are also the Assistance Centre for professional recognition in the Netherlands. Each EU country has an AC centre, that provides information to people who want to practise their profession in that country. 

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