For whom

This call is open for Dutch training providers who:

  • have a track record of providing training on the impact of climate change
  • are experienced in the region and interested in collaboration with Iran (please note that the training will take place in the Netherlands)
  • are interested in customising training for the Center for Conservation and Development of Sustainable Ecosystems (ZIPAK)
  • agree with the Grant Conditions (375.6 kB)
  • meet the general criteria


The Center for Conservation and Development of Sustainable Ecosystems (ZIPAK) is registered by the Interior Ministry in Iran as a national non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and development of sustainable ecosystems. ZIPAK works with a variety of partners, from local communities in Iran to national governmental agencies, national and international NGOs and international bodies. ZIPAK is experienced in participatory and sustainable nature conservation and ecosystem-based natural resources management in Iran.

Topic of the requested training

The training should focus on the impact of climate change on bio-cultural diversity, food security and water resources along with addressing the nature-based solutions. Please note that this training should take place in the Netherlands.

Read more information in the training request from ZIPAK (176.55 kB).


75.000 Euro.


Friday 1 July 2022 at 11.00 a.m. CEST - This call is closed.

How to apply?

Find all information on the process of applying and the required documents on the MSP training page.