Information for Dutch institutions

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to participate in the NFP and MSP.

1. Course registration deadline in Hodex/SK123

Opleidingenaanbod NFP II en MSP II (235 kB) (in Dutch)

2. Programme course details check in Atlas

  • Check Atlas Accounts.
  • Import your NFP courses in HODEX/SWF.
  • Once imported in Atlas, check and, if necessary, update course information in Atlas.
  • For MSP: indicate in Atlas if a course is eligible for MSP. You can do this once the courses are imported to Atlas, but only until the start of the application period!
  • Update your information about NFP and MSP on your website etcetera.
  • Set and publish your deadline for academic admission and fellowship application. 
  • Check if your candidate registration form is up to date.

3. Candidates can register for a fellowship

Process all applications for NFP/MSP fellowships:

  • Check if all details and uploaded documents (i.e. copy ID, employer’s statement and, if applicable, government statement) are available and correct.
  • Decide if a candidate will be nominated.

Check all applications against eligibility. Non-eligible applications are rejected, which might reduce the number of fellowships allocated to your institution.

4. Submit your grant application and nominate your candidates

  • Check in Atlas the maximum number of candidates you may nominate.
  • Apply for additional housing (NFP-SC and MSP) if applicable
  • In Atlas, submit your grant application before the application deadline.
    - For NFP: one grant request per sub-programme per deadline
    - For MSP: one grant request per deadline
  • Inform candidates who have not been nominated. Please do not submit your grant request shortly before the application deadline. If it does not meet a criterion, it cannot be submitted.

Prescribed format employer's statement(19 kB)
Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) Statement of Government Authority(22 kB)

MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) Statement of Government Authority(23 kB)
Toelichting normbedragen (268 kB) (in Dutch)
Veelgestelde vragen NFP II en MSP II (89 kB) (in Dutch) 

5. Embassy checks eligibility and assesses applications (no task)

6. Selection (no task)

7. Grant award

Nuffic sends you a grant award with an overview of the nominated candidates who have been selected, not selected or rejected.

  • For NFP: you receive a grant award per sub-programme per deadline;
  • For MSP: you receive a grant award per deadline.

Assessment questions embassies for NFP and MSP(200 kB)
Eligibility criteria for NFP and MSP(194 kB)

Information for candidates

Generic information for students about MSP II(32 kB)
Generic information for students about NFP II(67 kB)
Obligations for NFP and MSP Fellowship Holders(333 kB)

Other documents

Short guide for the application and selection process of NFP II and MSP II(455 kB)

General documents on NFP and MSP

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