Working for Nuffic means working to prepare pupils and students to become part of an international society, focused on the future.

After all, we are convinced that internationalisation enhances the quality of education and research. And that this will strengthen the Dutch economy and society.


We currently have no openings at our Neso offices.

For Dutch vacancies, please check our Dutch website

Internships at Nuffic

We are regularly looking for students from various fields of study who are keen to do an internship, usually in the area of communications or international relations. As we operate in the education field, we think working with interns is only natural. It keeps us at the centre of the education sector.

Are you looking for an internship, or do you have an idea for an internship assignment and are there no internship vacancies listed? Then please get in touch anyway.

Recruitment code

We adhere to the national recruitment code of the NVP (the national professional body for recruitment) in all our recruitment activities.

Applying for a job using Europass

The Europass CV is a standard model which is used in many European member states. You can use the Europass CV for your job application at Nuffic. However, we would like to stress that this is not obligatory. Whether or not you use the Europass CV does not affect the outcome of your application. 

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