Our mission and vision

The world is more closely connected than ever. Much of what happens in the world affects our own society and economy. And vice versa. That is why internationalisation is so important. And it is never too early to start.

Internationalisation forms the basis for sociocultural development and economic growth. It also ensures that countries can coexist peacefully. By allowing people to develop into global citizens, we create a future-oriented society.

Internationalising education

We believe that global citizenship starts in the classroom. Our mission is therefore: ‘internationalising education’. We put internationalisation at the heart of education, to strengthen education.

Our ambition is that after 2020 every pupil and student can gain international experience. This can be achieved through an internship or a study period abroad. But also through international education programmes.

Our mission is part of the national ambition of the Netherlands to be among the best in the world in the area of education and research. And part of our country's ambitions in the area of global development.

How do we work?

To accomplish our mission, we offer opportunities to gain international experience at each stage of education: primary education, secondary education, secondary vocational education and training, and higher education.

We encourage our students to look across borders and to think internationally. We also encourage international students to come study in our country. We help schools with programmes and activities to make education more international.

In the area of global development, we offer programmes for students and young professionals in developing countries to develop their knowledge and skills. Additionally, we help developing countries and emerging economies to improve their education and research infrastructure by engaging in collaborative projects with these countries.

Businesses and government bodies are important partners for us in our activities. We show them how internationalisation enriches education and the labour market and improves diplomatic relations. We do this not only here at home, but also in developing countries.

What do we want for the future?

We want to further develop ourselves as the expertise and service centre for internationalisation in Dutch education. From our headquarters in The Hague and eleven offices worldwide, we pursue our mission. We demonstrate the added value of internationalisation in education, opening up new worlds.

ISO certification

Our organisation is ISO-certified.

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