For whom

This call was open for Dutch training providers who:

  • have a track record of providing training on port development and especially in hydrogen value chain and how to integrate green molecules into export activities at port level
  • are experienced in the region
  • are interested in giving training in Morocco and the Netherlands
  • are interested in customising training for the Agence Nationale de Ports (ANP) in Casablanca
  • agree with the Grant Conditions (375.6 kB) (375,6 kB)
  • meet the general criteria

About the organisation

The National Ports Agency is responsible for the development, maintenance, and modernization of ports in order to handle ships and goods in the best possible conditions in relation to management, costs, schedule, and safety. Equipment investments, the capacity building of all staff, and the appropriate use of New Technologies of Information and Communication all vitally contribute to this endeavour.
With the aim of optimizing the competitiveness of the national economy in general and especially in ports, the agency has worked to improve the quality of services, security of port operations, and the reduction of passage and logistical costs.

The priorities :

  • Preserving and upgrading port heritage;
  • Increasing capacities and improving productivity;
  • Encouraging private investments and the development of related activities;
  • Converting certain ports and integrating them into their environment;
  • Facilitating trade and professionalizing the port community

Topic of the requested training

ANP would like to receive a training in port management focusing especially on the hydrogen value chain and how to integrate green molecules into export activities at port level. For more information check the training request of the Agence National des Ports (ANP) in Casablanca: Read more in the training request (830,23 kB).

If you have any questions regarding the training request please contact the Economic Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Morocco on . They will facilitate the contact with the local organisation. If you submit a training proposal and you include parts which you have discussed with ANP please clearly mention it in the training proposal.


Participants are mostly head of departments and people managing operations at the ports of ANP. They are engineers and master degrees holders.


75.000 Euro.


31 August 2022 at 11.00 a.m. CEST

How to apply?

Find all information on the process of applying and the required documents on the MSP training page.