NFP scholarships serve as a supplement to the salary that should continue to be disbursed (at least in part) to the scholarship student during his/her training period. The scholarship is a contribution towards the costs of participating in the course or study programme.

NFP scholarships are issued for the full duration of the study programme or course. The scholarship covers  a considerable portion of the costs of tuition fees, visa, travel, insurance and PhD-related research.

Various conditions apply to candidates and scholarship students for the various sub- programmes and e-learning courses and programmes. These conditions are listed in the NFP Rules and Regulations.

Download NFP Rules and Regulations(162.5 KB)

Grant allocation

Nuffic allocates grants to the Dutch institution hosting the course or study programme.The scholarship is inextricably linked to the grant allocated to the Dutch institution. Scholarship-related payments and reimbursements for scholarship students will be arranged by the Dutch institutions themselves.

Grants will be allocated on the basis of the  NFP Grant Conditions and NFP Guidelines.

Download NFP Grant Conditions(650.1 KB)

Download NFP Guidelines(984.3 KB)


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