Nuffic launches Tailor-Made Training programme

Publication date: Feb 06, 2012 12:00 AM

Nuffic is launching a new capacity building programme under the NFP programme: Tailor-Made Training (TMT). The NFP Tailor-Made Training programme is geared towards enhancing the overall performance of organisations in 61 countries by training a selected group of its staff members. A Tailor-Made Training is designed to meet specific needs identified by the requesting organisation.

A broad reach

The TMT programme is open to a wide range of organisations, from education institutions, research institutes and ministries to NGOs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Selection of training requests

Requests for tailor-made training should be submitted to the Netherlands embassy or consulate, who check them against the criteria and priorities. After this first screening the eligible requests are forwarded to Nuffic.

An internal selection committee then assesses the requests against the organisations’ needs and capacities. The committee also looks at feasibility, relevance and linkages with other Dutch government-funded activities.

Deadlines in 2012

Interested organisations can submit their training outline before one of the three Nuffic application deadlines:

  • 1 April
  • 1 August
  • 1 December

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