Living Labs: a new profiling instrument for universities of applied sciences

Publication date: Oct 08, 2012 02:16 PM

Nuffic is co-developing a new instrument called Living Labs to profile Dutch universities of applied sciences internationally within specific knowledge themes.

Profiling opportunities

Within most of the Neso countries Nuffic sees a lot of opportunities for the international profiling of Dutch universities of applied sciences, as a way to contribute to the international positioning of the Dutch knowledge economy.

Therefore, as part of its Neso activities, Nuffic has teamed up with these institutions, as well as other partners in academia, industry and government, to develop this new profiling instrument.

Ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is to develop at least one Living Lab within one selected knowledge theme in each Neso country. These Labs serve as a breeding ground for all types of other institutional cooperation between both countries. They will also provide a showcase for the generic profiling of the Dutch universities of applied sciences worldwide.

By the end of 2013 there should be at least four Living Labs in operation.

General objectives

The general objectives of the Living Labs are:
• To improve the international learning experience of students by carrying out real-life research 
• To get access to an international network of universities with industry support targeting a specific knowledge theme
• To provide a bilateral platform for education and research, industry and government from both countries to work together and create added value for the professional practice

In practice

Within the Labs students, lecturers and researchers from both countries conduct research assignments for which real-world workplace issues are selected. The results of the applied research will benefit the professional field and bring innovation to the selected knowledge theme in both countries.

This will also help the education and research programmes remain at the cutting edge.

Current state of affairs

Four Living Labs initiatives are now up and running:

  • Logistics – Indonesia
  • Creative Industry – Korea
  • Energy – Russia
  • Agriculture – Brazil

Within these initiatives the Dutch institutions are starting to identify suitable foreign partners and are investigating the challenges that can be used as real-life research projects.

While developing and implementing these Labs learning experiences will be pooled and shared for the benefit of the Dutch universities of applied sciences sector as a whole.

Further information

For more information on this subject, please contact Arjan Koeslag, Account Manager universities of applied sciences, through our contact form.

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