Argentina attractive for student recruitment

Publication date: Jun 28, 2013 10:32 AM

Argentina has one the highest enrolment rates in higher education in Latin America. Comparatively their higher education institutions score very well in international rankings. Argentina could become an attractive country for Dutch higher education institutions for both research cooperation and student recruitment. Nuffic has now published a factsheet on the education market in Argentina.

High enrolment rates

Internationalisation in higher education is on the rise in Latin American countries. Argentina is no exception as the Argentinean government developed a broad policy to internationalise the higher education system. There are around 99 higher education institutions in Argentina, 55% of which are private.

Because of governmental funding to economically-disadvantaged students and to students in priority courses (engineering and basic sciences) Argentina has very high enrolment rates. Argentinean students studying in their own country appear to have a strong preference for social sciences.

Necessity of scholarships

In 2010, 9,314 Argentinean students were studying abroad. They mainly studied in Spain, the US, Cuba, France and Brazil. In 2011-2012, there were 45 Argentinean students in the Netherlands.

Studying abroad, for the majority of Argentineans, is only possible if they receive a scholarship. In both research cooperation and student recruitment much depends on the development of the Argentinean economy and, equally important, its government.

Research agreements

The Dutch Embassy in Argentina mapped out around 25 cooperation agreements between Dutch and Argentinean higher education institutions. This could be an indication of the willingness of Argentinean higher education institutions to cooperate internationally.

Argentinean cooperation with higher education institutions in other countries is likely to focus on research, as there is no government-funded study-abroad scholarship in Argentina.

Download the Education Market Information Factsheets

Nuffic’s Education Market Information Factsheets are available for all countries with Nuffic Neso offices, as well as for Turkey, Chile, Colombia, Peru and now also Argentina.

You can download the factsheets from the Nuffic market information web pages (login required).

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