Nuffic contributes to the exchange of ideas between the government and higher education institutions by providing information and analysis on the internationalisation of higher education.

Nuffic has formal contacts with three sector organisations in the higher education sector: the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen), and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU).

Nuffic also works together with partners in other countries. The most important international networks we are involved in include:

ACA – Academic Cooperation Association

Membership organisation established in Brussels, dedicated to the management and improvement of international cooperation in higher education ( Nuffic is a founding member of ACA.

Neth-ER – Netherlands House for Education and Research

Based in Brussels, Neth-ER is an international association founded by eight Dutch frontline organisations active in research, education and innovation. Nuffic is one of those organisations. Their common purpose is to increase the participation of the Netherlands in European action programmes (see

ASIE – Association for Studies in International Education

ASIE ( is a network of organisations promoting research into international education and academic mobility. The organisations represent international educators throughout the globe with members from each continent.

ENIC-NARIC – collaborative link between the European Network of Information Centres (ENIC) and the National Academic Recognition Information Centres (NARIC)

Networks founded by the Council of Europe/UNESCO and the European Union, respectively, and concerned with the evaluation and recognition of diplomas and awards in Europe; Nuffic is the ENIC and NARIC for the Netherlands ( Nuffic is one of the largest and most respected members of these networks.

EUA – European University Association

EUA ( is based in Brussels and represents universities in 46 countries, providing them with a unique forum to cooperate and keep abreast of the latest trends in higher education and research policies.

EAIE – European Association of International Education

Network of people working in international education and expert group for exchanging know-how and sharing experience ( The EAIE was founded in the Netherlands and Nuffic staff have been playing a significant role in this association over the years.

NAFSA – Association of International Educators (USA)

NAFSA serves its members, their institutions and organisations, and others engaged in international education and exchange and global workforce development, by creating and disseminating knowledge, influencing public policy and maintaining a strong association ( Nuffic has been coordinating the representation of Dutch higher education at NAFSA over the years.

NAP 1325 – National Action Plan 1325  for the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace and Security

Network of Dutch organisations focusing on strengthening the political role of women in conflict zones. It is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the signatories ( Nuffic is one of the co-signatories, supporting the second National Action Plan 1325 on Women, Peace and Security through capacity building programmes.

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